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How to navigate this site:

(Look at the 'Home' tab -for the general concept and more about Natasha's qualifications and experience).

  1. Browse subjects under the 'Services/Courses' menu tab

  2. Browse plans under the 'Plans and Pricing' tab.

  3. If you like -please read more details about each subject under 'More'.

  4. Choose what you'd like or let Natasha know your goals and she can design a course for you after your initial class or conversation. 

Learn any or all of the following in combined holistic courses:

  • Public Speaking

  • Acting

  • English (EFL, Language, Literature, Communication)

  • Standard British Elocution/Received Pronunciation

  • Interview Technique

  • Presenting (camera/Zoom or in person)

  • Writing (corporate or creative)

  • Visual Communication / Art

  • and more.


Or focus on one or two areas, as you wish.

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