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We work online with clients worldwide. Learn any or all of the following in combined holistic courses -Public Speaking, Acting, English (EFL, Language, Literature, Communication), Standard British Elocution/Received Pronunciation, Interview Technique, Writing (corporate or creative), Confidence, Visual Communication / Art and more. Or focus on one or two areas, as you wish.

Expert Communication Consultant and Coach with 3 related Masters Degrees from top UK Universities (including Oxford University) and 22 years of professional experience working with thousands of clients of all ages and levels and from a wide variety of careers (e.g. artists as well as CEO's of multinationals).

On the Computer

Our in-demand, expert Communication Consultant and Coach, Natasha, has three Masters Degrees from top UK Universities...

(These subjects are all related to her Communication Coaching and Consultancy)...

  • English Language and Literature MA -Oxford University, Pembroke College

  • European Classical Acting MA -Central Saint Martins/Drama Centre London, UAL,

  • Television Journalism MA -City University, London.

(Many are misled by her name but Natasha is English). Natasha has 22 years of professional Communication Consulting and Coaching experience and has worked with many thousands of clients of all ages, disciplines and levels -e.g. children to CEO's of large multinationals.


Before developing this unique and all-encompassing Communication Coaching and Consultancy approach Natasha taught the following Communication subjects individually for many years:

  • Public Speaking

  • Acting (Great for expanding your comfort zone and expressiveness even if you are not looking to act).

  • Public Speaking and Acting incorporate breathing, voice, posture and body language training. Related topics such as presenting, public speaking for zoom and video, and media training, are options. Increased confidence is guaranteed.

  • Received Pronunciation / a Standard British English Accent (Elocution)

  • English Language and Literature, English as a Foreign Language, English Communication (reading, writing, speaking, listening)​

  • Interview Technique

  • Writing -creative writing, corporate writing

  • Visual Communication & Creative Communication -Art and Crafts -various styles (these Art and Craft classes, or optional breaks between other coaching sessions, are fun & social rather than theoretical).

Now you can take one course and combine lessons from whichever of these disciplines you wish -and/or Natasha will assess your goals, learning style, needs, self and limiting beliefs, and even energy levels/mood that day and more to tailor your learning for you.


No two courses are the same, just as no two people are the same.


This holistic approach can have elements of life coaching but doesn't have to -depending on your preferences and needs. Natasha has studied learning styles, NLP, body language and many related disciplines.

It is also possible to take a specific course in any one of these disciplines (e.g. Public Speaking) and Natasha also works as a Professional Writer and Editor so can work with you in this capacity too.


If there are additional Communication disciplines that you require e.g. Negotiation, then additional experts can be brought in (please enquire).


Working online with clients worldwide.

Tel: 00 44 207 193 8595 (from UK: 0207 193 8595)

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